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Space-Time Block Codes Simulation

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Simulates Space-Time Block Codes From Orthogonal Designs



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Description from "Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communication:Performance Results" by:V.Tarokh,H.Jafarkhani,R.Calderbank

space-time block codes which provide a new paradigm for transmission over Rayleigh fading (MIMO fading) channels using multiple transmit antennas.

Data is encoded using a space-time block code, and the encoded data is split into n streams which are simultaneously transmitted using n transmit antennas. The received signal at each receive antenna is a linear superposition of the n transmitted signals perturbed by noise. Maximum likelihood decoding is achieved in a simple way through decoupling of the signals transmitted from different antennas rather than joint detection. This uses the orthogonal structure of the space-time block code and gives a
maximum likelihood decoding algorithm which is based only on linear processing at the receiver.

A space-time block code is defined by a p*n transmission matrix. The entries of the matrix are linear combinations
of the variables x1,x2,...xk and their conjugates. The number of transmission antennas is n.

Comments and Ratings (33)

Thanks a lot. but it not work in ML2013
After I change randint into randi,

Error using bi2de (line 113)
The elements of the matrix are larger than the base can represent.

Error in STBC_sim (line 68)
de_data=bi2de(bi_data); %Convert binary data to
decimal for use in M-PSK mod.

this program is not running.. error in 69 th line

monika priya

very useful for me

Eline Santos

Could anyone explain why everytime there is a conjugate, a j is included, for example if x_1 = 1, x_1* = 1 + j.


thanks so much

dear all
please if any one can help me with differential STBC

Sabah Sewan

Good Day to all

Dear friends ,
I'm asking if there is a relation to calculate the channel H.
However as I think in most of STBC , they assume that the receiver has perfect channel state information (CSI).
But one Dr. asked me to calculate it exactly i'm little supprized because Alamouti in his famous paper didn't do that as I think.

So please any help or notes regarding with this matter I'll be thankful.


currently i am doing project in Space time Codes... could you tell me latest things that happen in STC.... It will be very helpfull for me to upgrade my project..........

nikhil patel


Andjas Wahyu

Could I get more detailed documentation so that i understand it better,thank you!

bin bin

very good

Sabah Sewan

Anybody working on space time coding in WiMax field or near that???
I'm Maste student Igot this field.

Harry Sandhu

Can you tell me how to form space time code matris using LDPC codes.

usman akram


ahmed bsher

dee dee

help me..send me more space time block coding simulation..thank you..

fuzy s

Huaibao Qin

I am researching on MIMO Space-Time Block Codes , Please Send me more detailed documentation of the simulation so that i understand it better,thank you!

kaz kim

Sabarinath Nerella

showing the error as
"Error using ==> pskmod
Too many input arguments. "

Sabarinath Nerella

bass m

Deepa R

Works well for PSK modulation.

kumaratharan Narayanswamy

mohammad gorzin

Qingyu Miao

there is an Error

??? Undefined function or variable 'pskmod'.

Error in ==> C:\Documents and Settings\emiaoqy\Desktop\matlab\m_file\m_files\STBC_sim.m
On line 69 ==> data=pskmod(de_data,M_psk,0,'gray');

Kehinde Babatope

would like to see this programme adapted for Reed muller codes too

kens BODS

Can u please adaopt this simulation of a Reed-Muller codes. I seem to be having problems with that.

Pham Trien

thanks so much

Yang Xiao

This program can simulate simple case of ST Coding. The problems are as follows: 1. Some sub-programs like the functions: pskmod(de_data,M_psk,0,'gray') and pskdemod(RR,M_psk,0,'gray')have not been provided. It is difficult for readers to construct the two programs. 2. The program has not considered the case of interference of multiusers and multichannels.

sreenath sreenath

jayaraj jayaraj


jayaraj jayaraj


error in description text

error in description text

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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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