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MPC555 Motor Control Function Blockset

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Additional I/O blocks for MPC555 target - specifically targetting TPU functionality



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This blockset is intended as an extension to the Embedded Target for Motorola(R) MPC555.

It supports additional TPU I/O functionality, which can be useful in the context of motor control.

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I've not found these files on Freeescale website :

* Motorola TPU Microcode Assembler (TPUMASM) v. 4.04 or above (downloadable as part of MPC500 Quickstart from Freescale website)
* Motorola TPU Microcode Source (downloadable from Freescale website)

Could anyone help me ?
Thanks in advance

taha koroglu

well brothers in Mathworks, why do not you show us some mdl files? i mean it is really hard to understand these kind of things, too much time needed to understand all the things written, please show some mdl files to drive motors.

Fernando Cedeño

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tebogo moloi

Andtrew Meyers

I must recind my previous review. Edward is very responsive with bug fixes. This is a very usefull blockset for anybody that needs motor control funcionality. Part count is reduced tremendously.

Andrew Meyers

Haven't been able to get DPTRAM config wizard block to work properly. When pressing finish button seems to get hung up with a path setting problem. Doesn't recognize path with a space, i.e. 'C:\Program Files\etc\etc' doesn't get past 'C:\Program' and an error is thrown before coleting the compilation and resorce set-up.


Fix bug highlighted in review (1) (DPTRAM wizard failed to invoke assembler if in directory with spaces)
Fix typos in documentation

Cleaning up relevant stylistic bugs found by automated MLINT.

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