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Giampiero Campa (view profile)


12 Nov 2001 (Updated )

Multi Input Multi Output Systems Toolbox

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File Information

MIMO Tool is a toolbox for MATLAB (it works fine in every version from 5.3 until 7.8) developed with the aim to offering a complete toolbox for continuous time MIMO linear systems analysis and robust control synthesis.

The main idea behind this tool is allowing the user to perform, without leaving the visual interface, every step of the typical MIMO control system design:

-) Modeling
-) Open Loop System Analysis
-) Control System Synthesis
-) Closed Loop evaluation
-) Controller Optimization / Simulation

An HTML help file is accessible within the program.

This toolbox was developed within the Department of Electrical Systems and Automation (DSEA), University of Pisa, under the supervision of prof. Mario Innocenti, Massimo Davini was the main developer of the visual interface, Giampiero Campa was the main developer of the underlying routines.

IMPORTANT, this toolbox requires the following:
-) Control Toolbox
-) LMI Toolbox
-) Mu-Tools toolbox
Robust Control and Optimization toolboxes allow more functionalities when present, but are not strictly necessary to run the program.

Giampy, June 2002


This file inspired Multivar 2.0 A Mimo Toolbox Application.

Required Products Control System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 5.3.1 (R11.1)
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Comments and Ratings (29)
07 Sep 2014 Lahcen

Lahcen (view profile)

10 Jan 2013 qwerty

qwerty (view profile)

14 Nov 2012 ALEXIS

ALEXIS (view profile)


19 Sep 2012 Francisco Javier Ibargüen Ocampo

06 Aug 2012 Chatchan

Good, Thanks

02 Jan 2012 Vignesh Labam

Really very useful! Thanks a lot!

02 May 2011 Shpat

Shpat (view profile)

well done!

13 Mar 2010 Emre

Emre (view profile)

thank you

25 Nov 2009 Ammar

Ammar (view profile)

02 May 2009 Trilochan Panigrahi

excellent work

13 Nov 2007 Abhishek Pandeya

Very useful excellent for all engg.(control engg.)

17 Apr 2007 Yizi Shang


19 Feb 2007 William Henry Brave


29 Aug 2005 Levente Bandean

28 May 2005 mimie johan


01 Mar 2005 david bowman

nice !

22 May 2004 huang jingchun


10 Jan 2004 William McEvans

interesting tool :)

28 Oct 2003 rizal aziz

good work

25 Oct 2003 ammi hatem

thank you

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23 Sep 2003 Samuel Silva

16 Sep 2003 elvis Enciso

16 Sep 2003 elvis Enciso

22 Jul 2003 Frank Nitsche

21 Jun 2003 Andrea Russo

Excellent Work !

20 Jun 2003 Thomas Anderson

14 May 2003 asmhfdjsaº sdkjfkdsjf

13 Feb 2003 Antonescu Paul

Quite useful;).

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01 Dec 2002 Dalmiro Narvaez

30 Jan 2002

The original source code (m files) is now fully available (instead of the p-coded version).

12 Feb 2002

M-coded Version available instead of the P-Coded one.

28 Jun 2002

Small modifications for full Matlab 6.1 compatibility.

12 Feb 2003

One single file modified to accommodate
MATLAB 6.5 slightly different data type

10 Apr 2003

Small errors in Demos.m and Infnan2x.m corrected.

02 Jun 2003

Signature and info.xml file updated.

17 Dec 2003

Added code to easily import systems and controllers in pretty much any formats. Also, it does not clear the workspace anymore. Those two changes should make the program A LOT more usable as an open and closed loop analysis tool.

11 Apr 2005

Minor changes for Matlab 7 SP1, mainly due to the fact that the LMI and MU toolboxes are now part of the Robust Control Toolbox. A few bug fixes.

12 May 2005

Renamed everything to lowercase

20 Apr 2009 1.1

Major update: Improved graphics, fixed a number of bugs due to functions being discontinued, allowed loading uncertain systems, and changed name to mimotool everywhere in the code. Finally, a thorough testing was performed.

20 Jul 2009 1.3

Fully converted to BSD License and deleted some unnecessary files

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