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matlab.el 1.10.1 : Edit .m files

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MATLAB editing mode for early versions of emacs



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MATLAB editing mode for early versions of emacs .

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"times" is an alias for array multiplication. could it get syntax highlighting as a reserved word? like continue or break?

Wei Liu

I've downloaded and did the configuration in .emacs file. But when I open a .m file with emacs, it gave error "can not find mlint file". My Matlab is not installed on the local file system, but on a network directory. I'm using opensuse 10.3. Any one having experience on this can give me a clue? I guess I have to edit the matlab.el file to tell the add-on where the matlab bin directory is. Thanks.

dark vador

config xemacs

finux zhou

great works!~~

Phil Mendelsohn

I'm not an Emacs fanatic, but this is one time where leaving it is a hinderance to work. Being able to save the buffer to get a log of the file beats the 'diary' function, and being able to directly paste results in to a TeX file is pretty cool, too.

I use it all the time.



changed to BSD license did not change version number

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