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Equalizer GUI for winsound



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EQUALIZER Audio equalizer GUI
EQUALIZER starts an equalizer for audio input on a PC. This is created as a demonstration of ANALOGINPUT and GUI. It performs real-time power spectral density estimation on acquired audio data and displays them in frequency bins. This may not be how a real equalizer works, so it should be used simply as a demo.

The top panels show the raw audio signals (time series), and the bottom two panels show the spectral densities. Clicking on the panels changes the colors of the signals.

Pressing the space bar (when the window is in focus) shrinks or grows the window to show all 4 panels or the bottom 2 panels. Pressing the escape key closes the equalizer.

It requires the Data Acquisition Toolbox. Also, it may only work on PCs since it uses the winsound adaptor. Because of the high sampling and refresh rate, it may consume significant processing power.

This will only work in MATLAB R14 or later (because it uses nested functions).

load handel;
soundsc(y, Fs);

Comments and Ratings (19)

wang quan

good job!!!

Spencer Wong

Hi I also would like to know how to run this program. I am currently having problems with the analoginput.



Hello everyone,
is it possible to send the input signal to the audio out port of the PC after some processing using matlab????


yezi (view profile)

Great code,but i also think it's a real-time display of a signal's power spectrum.
Thanks a lot~

Mr Smart


QQ (view profile)

Mehmet Ceylan

It seems to be needs filter. It takes much noise. But it is very good for a DAQ exaple. Thanks

Steven Bierer

From your description and the comments, it appears that this program is not an equalizer (as understood in the audio industry and referenced by commenter K. Zheng) but a real-time display of a signal's power spectrum. Regardless, it's a useful demonstration of the DAQ toolbox.

haris shehzad

i'd like know how to run this excellent program..i need to run it..please send me a e-mail with the details about this.plz plz plz

delin chang

i'm searching this file for a few days... it works! great!

Raju kadam

it seems to be not exactly allocation of code memory with using client side Authentication

Raju Kadam

Excellent Coding.
It shows perfect behavior.

Kuang Zheng

this code is really great, but if I want to do some change, like adjust each channel's pass coeffients, that is, to add some equalizer filter, what should I do? thanks. email me please

carol bautista

good day!
mind helping me? i was actually having a project on this and thanks for the program. its just pls help me in using this thanks

miguel alexander valderrama garcia

i'd like know how to run this excellent program..i need to run it..please send me a e-mail with the detaiols about this

Mike Ham

works great, good job.

Szuras Lech

For me great program. Congratulations


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