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Technical Analysis Tool

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Technical Analysis Tool


Phil Goddard (view profile)


29 Mar 2006 (Updated )

GUI for viewing various simple technical analysis indicators of a time series

function out = wildersmoothing(data,period)
% Function to perform Wilder Smoothing on a data set
% 'data' is the vector of values to be smoothed.  The first element is assumed to be
% the oldest data.
% 'period' is the length of the smoothing window.
% Example:
% out = wildersmoothing(data,period)

% Error check
if ~(m==1 || n==1)
    error(['The first input to ',mfilename,' must be a vector.']);
if numel(period) ~= 1
    error('The Wilder smoothing period must be a scalar.');

% perform the filtering
ld = length(data);
if ld < period
    error('The data vector must be at least as long as the required period of smoothing.');
elseif ld == period
    out = mean(data);
    out = nan*ones(size(data));
    out(period:end) = filter(1/period,[1 -(period-1)/period],data(period:end),sum(data(1:(period-1)))/period);

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