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GMSK transmission

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Example of a digital data transmission implementing GMSK modulation

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This Simulink model simulates as an example the transmission and reception of random digital data modulated with GMSK. The purpose of this model is to illustrate how part of the GSM transmission and reception works. It also measures the BER, affected by an AWGN channel.

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Diana (view profile)

Can I please have the matlab code, thanks in advance


Is this based in any standards?


can u please send me the equivalent MATLAB code for this..I need it badly


Walter (view profile)


very good

syn no

syn no (view profile)

why i can't see it .

Great to learn , thx


Excellent , but quarter bit problem is still unresolved.

As Ru

As Ru (view profile)

I am just a beginner. Could you please give me some guidelines on how to start off? Some basics ideas maybe?I would really appreciated it.

Thank you.

P.S. I need your help badly.

comment doo

xuewhite Xue

Hello, I didn't get the original Matlab code, coule you send me a copy and appreciate your helping!

Gao Mai

it's good

mohammed alqahtani

VERY Excellent

mohammed alqahtani

this file is very good

mohammed alqahtani


lin yinzi

Why I can't open it?can you give me one?
"Bernoulli.mdl' does not exist."
Thank you!

mohd faizal

i want to the file .mdl can transform to simulink blockset.....i means how to run the file .mdl....i'm just the beginner

pablo tipan

hola amigo necesito un simulador de un transmisor y receptor de tv digital ISDB-t talves me puedes ayudar donde conseguir informacion como hacerlo en matlab

Rodhwan Al-Hetar

thanks a lot for this simulink

asdgae asryyhd

vishal prodduturi

abdelkrim hedri

I am interested in this topic, so I want to visualize it

Louis Ting

I am gonna use your model. Thanks

Dimitris K

I would like to know why the SNR in AWGN block is -44.3dB.Please inform me
Thanks a priori

yuyu iuiog

diego perez

Kattia F

really useful

Asif Rehman

great it was!

Salim Haddad

Dimitris Crete

melih kesten

Jorge Gomez

It's serves its educational purpose.

lee tincen

very good

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired by: TCH/FS GSM channel simulation

Inspired: GSM Traffic Channel Simulator

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