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MIMO Toolbox

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MIMO Toolbox


Oskar Vivero (view profile)


20 Apr 2006 (Updated )

Multivarialbe control toolbox

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File Information

The MIMO Toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions and a GUI. Its purpose is to complement the Control Toolbox for Matlab with functions capable of handling the multivariable input-output scheme.The MIMO Toolbox was developed for Matlab 7.

The gui, icdtool, is a MIMO design utility based on Individual Channel design for 2x2 systems.

I've included a .pdf document that contains the function reference, along with a brief explanation of the theory behind the functions. I recommend you read it, as the information provided is quite useful.


Arrowhead inspired this file.

This file inspired Multivar 2.0 A Mimo Toolbox Application.

Required Products Control System Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)
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Comments and Ratings (26)
26 Nov 2016 ARDV DVAR

not working with Matlab 2015

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22 Jul 2016 mehdi najafi

02 May 2015 Muhammad Huzaifa

I think you need Maple for using this toolbox.

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01 May 2015 Hassan Dehghani

hi, I get the error msg

Undefined function 'maple' for input arguments of type 'sym'.

Error in smform (line 80)

can you help?! please!

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29 Mar 2015 Muhammad Huzaifa

Its a great toolbox.
However, I am facing some errors in my Matlab 2014b.
And I am getting this even when I run the given example:

Warning: Function 'simple' will be removed in a future release. Use 'simplify' instead.
> In sym.simple at 41
In tf2sym at 54
In smform at 48
Error using symengine (line 58)
Array sizes must match.

Error in sym/privBinaryOp (line 835)
Csym = mupadmex(op,args{1}.s, args{2}.s, varargin{:});

Error in sym/lcm (line 27)
cSym = privBinaryOp(args{1}, args{2}, 'symobj::zip', 'lcm');

Error in smform (line 69)

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05 Feb 2014 amin

amin (view profile)

21 Nov 2012 ALEXIS

ALEXIS (view profile)


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24 Feb 2012 Hossein Khoshnevis

This is a useful and well-written toolbox! Thanks!

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06 Jun 2011 noush

noush (view profile)

27 Feb 2011 Xiaochen Wang

29 Nov 2010 Jaekwan

oh god !!

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21 Mar 2010 Oskar Vivero

Oskar Vivero (view profile)

Certainly possible, but it will have to wait. I haven't upgraded my Matlab version at the moment (still on 2007b I think).

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17 Mar 2010 Blake

Blake (view profile)

Would it be possible to incorporate the MuPad engine on this? I understand Matlab R2009+ do not use the maple engine (needed for smform). Thank you.

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07 Jan 2010 Ammar

Ammar (view profile)

Thanks for sharing

27 Dec 2008 xu zhenhua


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12 Apr 2008 majid shokri

tanks for your kind consideration

03 Mar 2008 Rita Deák


04 Dec 2007 Jozsef Vass, Dr.

04 Aug 2007 Alex Tsai

The code is very well documented, and the author is extremely helpful and prompt in responding to any questions.

02 Aug 2007 Sima Valizadeh

thanks to the author for distributing this helpful toolbox

02 Jun 2007 elahe soleimani


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19 May 2007 Xuewu Dai

Good for MIMO system analysis, particularly for calculation the zeros and poles

26 Mar 2007 Carlos Sepulveda

Excelent tool for continuos time systems. I hope there will be a 2.0 ver. with discrete time support.

28 Jan 2007 Maung Latt


16 Jan 2007 Berkin Birol

31 Aug 2006 Shine Soman

Very usefull

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