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A PIV Post-processing and data analysis toolbox

renamefile (PIVMat Toolbox)
renamefile (PIVMat Toolbox)
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Rename a series of files.

renamefile(NAME, P1, P2) renames the files matching NAME, replacing 
the substring P1 by P2. NAME may be a cell array of strings, and may 
contain wildcards (*) and brackets (see rdir). 
renamefile(NAME, P1, P2, OPT), where OPT is 'dironly', 'fileonly' or 
'filedir', renames only the directory names, the file names, or both 
(by default), respectively. 
   renames the files 'DSC00001.JPG','DSC00002.JPG',... as 
   does the same in all the directories containing JPG files. 
   renamefile('B[1:100,3]*.VEC','B','PIV') renames the files 
   'B001*.VEC' to 'B100*.VEC' as 'PIV001*.VEC' to 'PIV100*.VEC' 
   renamefile('set*','set','newset','dironly') renames the directories 
   'set*' as 'newset*'. 
See Also
renumberfile, MOVEFILE, rdir, getfilenum. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo renamefile 

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