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30 Apr 2006 (Updated )

MatlabBGL provides robust and efficient graph algorithms for Matlab using native data structures.

function bn = bacon_numbers(A,u)
% BACON_NUMBERS Compute the Bacon numbers for a graph.
% bn = bacon_numbers(A,u) computes the Bacon numbers for all nodes in the 
% graph assuming that Kevin Bacon is node u.

% allocate storage for the bacon numbers
% the ipdouble call allocates storage that can be modified in place.
bn_inplace = ipdouble(zeros(num_vertices(A),1));

% implement a nested function that can refer to variables we declare.  In
% this case, we refer to the bn_inplace variable.  
function tree_edge(ei,u,v)
    bn_inplace(v) = bn_inplace(u)+1;

% setup the bacon_recorder visitor
bacon_recorder = struct();
bacon_recorder.tree_edge = @tree_edge;

% call breadth_first_search

% convert the inplace storage back to standard Matlab storage to return.
bn = double(bn_inplace);

% the end line is required with nested functions to terminate the file

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