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EM image segmentation



03 May 2006 (Updated )

Apllication of EM algorithm to segment a grey scale image on diferent classes

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This program gets an image and the desidered number of partitions and fits the image histogram using a mixture of gaussian distributions and provides a clasified image

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)
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12 Nov 2014 Jobaer

please, sir , send me a source code on image segmentation. I want to segement weeds from soil.My email address is jobaer_ahmed1990@yahoo.com .

18 Jan 2014 HuangJunFeng HuangJunFeng  
16 Dec 2013 widdy  
19 Feb 2013 Tong Chu  
01 Jan 2013 manas nag

after executing this it is declaring that k is undefined

04 Dec 2012 Jason Rebello

Some people want to know how to view the segmented image. For example suppose you have two classes ie k=2; us the following code to view it
[row col] = size(ima);
final_img = zeros(row,col);
for i=1:row
for j=1:col
if mask(i,j)==1
This is a naive way of viewing it .. you may have to change somethings if k>2. Anywayz hope it helps. The mask basically stores the segmented image.

16 Nov 2011 surya

great job.i am using the same algorithm in my project for x-ray images.can u please tell how to view the segmented image

18 Feb 2010 prashanth

Sir, I am starting my project on the same subject. i was unable to find the algorithm psuedocode for em algorithm. kindly send me one at rprashanth31@gmail.com. Also can u just tell me the explanation for the source code..

21 Dec 2009 maria

Hi, could you please explain how I can use "mask" to see result of segmentation??

17 Mar 2009 Patrick

Greetings Prof., Very nice .. could you please let me know what exactly does the mask variable store ? As what i see it classifies each pixel that falls within each class . Am i correct in that assumption?


24 May 2008 darko brajicic

great job!

27 Apr 2008 Bilo Bilo


15 Aug 2007 smiled fisher  
06 Nov 2006 Karthik Raja T

HI, Greetings,can it for my color image segmentation ?

04 Sep 2006 Mikel Rodriguez  
12 Jul 2006 carlos mas  
03 May 2006 Mohamed Sami

look when u make a code u must show us the output to see it then u read ur code .. try to explain that with output we can see bye

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