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Modeling Flexible Bodies in SimMechanics

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Technical paper and examples on modeling flexibility in SimMechanics.

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Editor's Note: The download problems reported in the comments have been addressed. The zip file now downloads properly.

This archive contains a technical paper on modeling flexible bodies using SimMechanics and Simulink. The archive also includes the examples discussed in the technical paper.
An overview of the techniques described here is presented in the following MATLAB Digest article:

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tao song

I want to compute the rotating flexible beam and I don't know how to apply your code


SMITH (view profile)

I want to compute the rotating flexible beam and I don't know how to apply your code

Jos Boeije

Question: I have a working implementation of flexbodies in Simmechanics. For this I used a classic, free-free state-space model, exported from Ansys. To get the results to closely match FEM output however, I require about 200 modes, which takes a long time to run. In trying to improve this, I have been looking at different techniques to create state-space systems, e.g. the free Craig-Bampton reduction approach. Does anyone have experience with this, or other advice relevant to improve calculation times and/or accuracy?


Hi there. I am trying to construct a composite beam by copying the given beam model, and then connecting the midpoint. I cannot figure out how to do this. Do you maybe have examples of where you have connected several flexible bodies?


Javier (view profile)

When I try to model a beam along certain directions some plot errors occur. For example when I try to plot a beam which "Direction of the beam element" is [1 1 0], Matlab answers: MATLAB error message: Error using ==> axis>LocSetLimits at 234
Vector must have 4, 6, or 8 elements.

Ahmed Sohail

surykant jamadade

i am give the refrance only for my tutorial

surykant jamadade

Samare Mostafavi

Paolo Tregambe

there is a problem with:
"??? Error using ==> cd
Cannot CD to /home/vchudnov/Playground/SimMechanics/FlexibleBodies/Paper/MLNN2006Q1/CaseStudy/paper/data (Name is nonexistent or not a directory)."


Raffaele Iervolino

There are many problems with this archive file and the files it contains.
Above all, the only .mat file provided, i.e. ss_cantilever_pva.mat, is corrupted, making the testing and understanding of the example described impossible.

Marco Palladino

Is it possible to have the data files provided by cosmos and used as input in cosmos2m?

Aitor Olarra

The archive seems to be an invalid ZIP file.

Thomas Miu

When try to unzip, got two bad CRC "8f061a29 (should be 3edde5fb)" and "487d514a (should be df7ebeed)".

Shun'ichi Shido


Updated license


Copyright and trademark compliance

Upload problems

Upload problems

Corrected typo in the Omega matrix. Added a section on the limitations of and corrections to the lumped-parameter method.

Added to the description a link to the MATLAB Digest overview article.

Fix recent .zip file error. Sorry for the recurring archive problems! Please post or email any problems, and check back frequently for updates. Thanks!

Resubmited archive to fix CRC errors in .zip file.

Include needed library file

Fixed URL

Edit keywords.

Editorial corrections to the technical paper.

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