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GSM Traffic Channel Simulator

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GSM Traffic Channel Simulator



14 May 2006 (Updated )

Simulator for a GSM traffic channel transmission and reception

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File Information

This Simulink model simulates the entire transmission and reception of voice data of a traffic channel for GSM (TCH/FS)over a multipath fading channel, and it calculates the BER of the received signal.


Tch/Fs Gsm Channel Simulation and Gmsk Transmission inspired this file.

Required Products Communications Blockset
DSP System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Comments and Ratings (60)
24 Dec 2016 Moataz Hammouda

Would you please send me the source code? This could be really helpful to me.
My email is :

28 Nov 2016 Victoria Samusenko

Hi, Could you please send me the source code?

This is my email:

Thanks a lot :)

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29 Sep 2016 Adilis Silva

Hi, Could you please send me the source code?

This is my email:

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18 Sep 2016 Ibrahim Isa

04 Sep 2016 Md.Aminul Haque Tufan

hi,if there have no problem please send me the source code ..feeling more interested about this topic..this is my email am eagerly waiting for this..

30 Aug 2016 Jiang Li

29 Jun 2016 fariba

fariba (view profile)

Hi, Could you please send me the source code?

This is my email:

Thanks a lot

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28 Jun 2016 Rita

Rita (view profile)

Hi, I need the source code to modify it. Is it possible for you to share the source code with me. Also, when I tried to run code, I received and error about rayleigh fading blocked and I couldn't run it. Any idea? My email is I really appreciate it.

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18 Jun 2016 fedor zayats

Hello. Could you send me this simulink model with the source code ? It will save me (: Thanks

23 Nov 2015 Apostolakis kostas

GSM traffic channel simulation
could you plz send me the simulink i really need it so much my e-mail (

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04 Dec 2014 hamid khan

Hi sir,I need to add a channel to this model to block 100% signal(0.000 BER) please help me out

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14 Aug 2014 Li

Li (view profile)

Dear Sir, this is just what I'm looking for. Can you pls. send a copy to my mailbox Thanks!

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13 May 2014 shereen

GSM traffic channel simulation
could you plz send me the simulink i really need it so much my e-mail (

01 Apr 2014 DEMID

DEMID (view profile)

Hi, can you send me this simulation, please? I need it for my study in University.

06 Mar 2014 Roger

Roger (view profile)

Hola, me parece muy importante lo que has realizado, me gustaría que me envíes el archivo.
Mi correo es

Gracias por todo

31 Jan 2014 Ali Habib

Could you please send me the code and any guidance (document) of this simulation.
email :

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31 Jan 2014 Ali Habib

24 Oct 2013 bisma

bisma (view profile)

sir, can you send this simulation?
my email is
please i need this simulation just for my study presentation in my college. thanks

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18 May 2013 ahmed

ahmed (view profile)

what a wonder job,thanks a lot

02 May 2013 mohammed arafa

this simulation is great , thank you
i would like to understand your code more , could you please send me a guide or something to make it more clear
thank you

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20 Jul 2012 pankaj gupta

I need to use the GSM channel for simulation.

Please e-mail the code on

03 Apr 2012 Michel

Michel (view profile)

I would like to understand your code. Could you please send me the documentation or the guide you have used?
Thanks in advance.

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18 Jan 2012 kamal

kamal (view profile)

Does anyone have the m-files version instead of simulink?

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18 Jan 2012 kamal

kamal (view profile)


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01 Nov 2011

AS a lazy man,Need your help :)
His Email:

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18 Oct 2011 beh ghor

I need this simulink. pleas send to my email.

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27 Jun 2011 Matthew Giamou

Hi, I'm just wondering if this model can be modified to take in PCM audio data from a .wav file as an input and output .wav data that is a simulation of GSM channel noise? I've never used Simulink before, but would it be as easy as changing the Bernoulli Binary input to a vector filled with the audio data? Could the output then be collected, or have I misunderstood the purpose of this simulation?

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03 Aug 2010 WARID Zaheer

Hi ! I need a file which can show GSM frequqncy hopping MAIO simulation ..

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06 Jul 2010 Preeti Agarwal

i need th m file of the gsm simulation

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02 Jul 2010 John Lemmings

I have the following error :
Error reported by S-function 'sdspsigattrib' in 'GSM_Blocks_ENG/background6/Multipath Rayleigh Fading/Multipath Fading Channel/Multiple Delayed Signals/Check signal is frame or vector/Check Signal Attributes': Input must be a column vector.

01 Jul 2010 John Lemmings

Great!!!! Thanks for this work. Have you worked on that for your job ? What can be the applications ? Thanks !!!!

13 Mar 2010 Sberla99 Blotta

It's possible receive documentation of receiver?
My mail is


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15 Jun 2009 As Ru

As Ru (view profile)

I am just a beginner. Could you please give me some guidelines on how to start off? I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

P.S. I need your help BADLY.

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01 Jun 2009 Yushu Zhang

24 May 2009 khaoula EL MOUANNISS

i want to use this application but i'm just a biginner in matlab, and never used simulink in it, can anyone help me to use it plz?
i'll be greatfull if someone woul help me

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10 Nov 2008 Kamal

Kamal (view profile)

Oops, the model performs hard decision decoding since the viterbi decoder is set to perform hard decision decoding.
I think the interleaver does not performs diagonal interleaving since it does not consider 2 particular speech slice during any interleaving part.

Does anyone has the m file version of the gsm TCH model

10 Nov 2008 Kamal

Kamal (view profile)

hello, the model performs soft decision decoding of the GSM system.
How can we perform soft decision decording?
Should we put the diferential encoder part before the encoder at the TX and differential decoder after the decoder part at the RX?

Does anyone have the m-files version instead of simulink?

24 Sep 2008 rohit datta


I went through your codex.

its nice. how can you see the GSM signal that is transmitted through the channel? do we need to have a scope?

22 Jul 2008 Adetosin Adetunji

I highly grateful for this opportunity given,so,its pleasure.
Could you please send me Free GSM Simulator through my email address.
Thanks in Advance.

07 Jul 2008 pradeep gautam

i have gone through this blocks..
its interesting can u pls send the docs related to this model

14 May 2008 rakhi n

i have gone through this blocks..
its interesting can u pls send the docs and code related to this model.

06 May 2008 Wira Firdaus

Could u please send me the docs of the system.
My email addr:
Thank u very much

02 Apr 2008 luqman mina

03 Mar 2008 kiran rangineni

I have gone throgugh the blocks, its perfectly strutured, Could please send me the docs and code of the files which will be very helpful for my project.

20 Feb 2008 sree r

i working on this .. can u send the code&related documents

30 Dec 2007 dickson ntogha

05 Dec 2007 osamaali abdulla

hello sir can you please tell me what version u used and the documentation to understand that please

05 Dec 2007 muhammad touseef

hello sir,can u send me the exact simulation for the call routing of GSM(wireless),plz do this as soon as that it is helpfu for me

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06 Oct 2007 sh3esh3 sh3esh3

I am not able to run the program. Lot of warning messages appears:S:S:S
error in open it
plz solve this problem:S:S:S

25 Sep 2007 Alex Silva

I would like to understand your code. Can you send me the documentation whatever you used.

19 May 2007 Bouafsoun Hamdi

thx first,i want to ask if you simulate 4 normal burst (4 user) or no ?

16 Feb 2007 thaer abu alheija


Comment only
30 Jan 2007 sanjay dabhole

to understand your code can you send documation or theorotical approach whatever you used sot that i will check the accuracy

14 Nov 2006 Santosh Shah

Dear sir
your program is to good, i run this but the problem is that, the ciphering, and deciphering technique is not involved, ant the gard bit among the burst is 9, but in actul it is 8.25. so tell me is it any possiblility to do that, with 8.25 bits gard.

thanking you.

16 Oct 2006 Geetha S

I am not able to run the program. Lot of warning messages appears. I have MATLAB 6.0.

Please reply ASAP.


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04 Sep 2006 Ahmad M


couldn't able to download this file

what is the exact link to dowload it

waiting your support


03 Jun 2006 joti Abdelaziz


03 Jun 2006 JOTI Abdelaziz

Merci Beaucoup

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30 May 2006 Jorge Gomez

29 May 2006 Arthur Freed

It's very good. It simulates the entire physical layer of GSM

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