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16 May 2006 (Updated )

Creates a buffer zone around or inside a polygon or polygons

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This function was originally designed as a replacement for the Mapping Toolbox function bufferm, which calculates a buffer zone around a polygon. The original bufferm function had some serious bugs that could result in incorrect buffer results and/or errors, and was also very slow. As of R2006b, those bugs have been fixed in bufferm.m. However, this version still maintains a few advantages over the original:
- Can be applied to polygons in either geographical space (as in bufferm) or in cartesian coordinates.
- Better treatment of polygon holes. The original function simply filled in all holes; this version trims or pads holes according to the buffer width given.
Input and output format is identical to bufferm unless the 'xy' cartesian-coordinate option is specified, so it can be used interchangeably.

Required Products Mapping Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
04 Feb 2012 Jaroslaw

After some modifications works perfect with GK4 :)

02 Feb 2012 Jaroslaw

Doesn't work with GK-coordinates (Cartesian). My output polygon is the same as input.

03 Feb 2010 Pavan

Works flawlessly. Thanks for modifying the code to read Cartesian co-ordinates.

20 Jan 2010

Added ability to work in cartesian coordinates rather than geographic space; updated description and example on webpage.

30 Sep 2010

Fixed a bug in input checks so input can be either row or column vectors. Also updates internal plot checks to plot in cartesian coordinates so can be used to check both geographic and x-y input.

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