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Frequency Modulation and Demodulation

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Frequency Modulation and Demodulation



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The Files include frequency modulation and demodulation technique.

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rama krishna

not working

very good

no comment so difficult to understand how to work

israa alawneh

very good


thanks !


Nearly useless. No help or description of inputs, very few inline comments, and horribly inefficient with regards to speed and memory usage.

Nikhil Aiyer

Is there any help files on these file as what should be x and beta as far as requirements are concerned

Frank Williamsmithson

Instructions would be a great addition!

Özgün Ç?rakman

No documentation or inline comments means sloppy work. As Abbas, i too suggest giving more information next time.

Zaheer Ahmed

i want complete fm af modulatio and demodulation

sanzid husain

how to run this m file? i am a new user of matlab. pleaseeee help me out. thanks

Ahsun Abbas

Its a good help, but i suggest to give some discription with them.

Syed Alim Hasan

These files realy helped me.

Sunbul Zahid


mukesh kumar


Faiza Rasheed

Rabia Sadiq

jose da Silva Filho

nice site


hey buddy, it was fr8 to see this, but need some favour and lots of guidance with respect to this program. Pllllll. If poss explain me the working of each syntax in the program. I am trying to frequency demodulate a frequency modulated ecg signal( done by a hardware circuit ). this modulated signal is stored in a voice recorder and i am retrieving it on a Personal computer via USB connection where in later i would like to use your matlab program to frequency demodulate this modulating signal thus getting the original signal. pl help asap, i m running out of time
pl help cheers
regds jim

Talha Omer

Cool Man

huma naaz

matlab and c coding for phase lock loop

Farhan Javed

gr8 wrk

inas hasanat

it is a good site to visit and i find exactly what i wont

Fida Kaleem

Asim Muzaffar

Anthonie John


abdou man



Nice & Crisp work ...

keep it up bro !!!

Samarah Naeem

Awesome Work! Did great for me

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