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Plot vector or matrix as table with a customizable printing control string.

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PLOTTABLE Plot vector or matrix as table.

PLOTTABLE(X) plots X as a table. The default printing format is floating point with two decimal places.

PLOTTABLE(X,CONTROL) uses the string CONTROL as the printing control string for printing the elements of X. It should be of the format accepted by SPRINTF or simply be the word RATS to print elements as fractions. RATS cannot currently be combined with any other control string arguments and must appear simply as 'rats'. CONTROL can be a vertical matrix of strings as created by the function STRVCAT in which case the control strings will be cycled through to print columns of the table. If CONTROL is not specified, it defaults to '%.2f'.

PLOTTABLE(X,CONTROL,COLGROUP) uses the numbers in the vector COLGROUP to group columns together for printing. The sum of the numbers in COLGROUP should not exceed the numbers of columns in X. By default all the elements in COLGROUP will equal 1.

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Liaofan Lin

Liaofan Lin


M (view profile)

Works as advertised! Additionally, h=plottable(x) returns the handle for each axis in the table (each value is plotted in its own axis).

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MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

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