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Longitudinal time code decoding algorithm

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Sampled time code to HHMMSSFF

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SMPTE 12M time code is the industry standard for synchronization of multiple media sources, such as video and sound. I and colleagues use it to synchronize video recordings of events with measurements (for example, fluoro scope images of people swallowing with physiological measurments of swallowing muscle activity).

To use these programs, record the SMPTE code at 20 kHz, export the (time, value) pairs into a data format that
MATLAB can read, and call the program 'smpte' with the name of this two column matrix. To test, try included SMPTE time sample by doing


Also included are a number of m-files for doing arithmetic with HHMMSSFF numbers and conversion to decimal frame number.

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Rua Haszard Morris

Does the job fine!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

Inspired: load flow decoupled

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