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Colours every plot line uniquely

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A short function to colour plots with all the colours of the rainbow. Gives better output than trying to select good colours in advance.

figure; hold on; x = 1:10;

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Ian Harris

Thanks, Will - a real time saver.

Oliver Woodford

For a highly coloured gamut that converts to greyscale, see sc.m and use the 'contrast' colourmap.
Feel free to use the code.

w s

Works excellent! Thanks

Will Robertson

Sam: sorry, you must have been misled. This package is designed for creating *coloured* plots. I you can suggest an algorithm that gives a nice spread of colours that also corresponds to smoothly varying greyscale, I'll happily incorporate it...

Sam Daly

Doesn't convert to grayscale well for printing.



Update, and add BSD licence to the source.

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