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QPSK Transmitter and I/Q Correlator Receiver.

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Modified version of QPSK Transmitter and I/Q Correlator Receiver

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QPSK Transmitter and I/Q Correlator Receiver is based on the technique of queing the information in a bit stream and on the receving end using FFT and some additive filters, as the addition of noise is made to infuse the need of a filter. Necessarily a Baseband filter is used. Modulation acheived at the receiving end.

Comments and Ratings (7)

eyad mahmoud

vijay yele

rahul kanna

good work
but tell how to change the input seq

Murthy NSSR

Good program for understanding.

Wenren Horng

It's a good simulation.
Could someone explain what the purpose of variable "x" in this file?

Abdul Basit

Hiba Javed

Comments are given, Well managed program. Neat and clean effort.

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