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mpeg compression

mpeg compression


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04 Jun 2006 (Updated )

Mpeg compression

% Finds the indices of the cell that holds the minimum cost
% Input
%   costs : The matrix that contains the estimation costs for a macroblock
% Output
%   dx : the motion vector component in columns
%   dy : the motion vector component in rows
% Written by Aroh Barjatya

function [dx, dy, min] = minCost(costs)

[row, col] = size(costs);

% we check whether the current
% value of costs is less then the already present value in min. If its
% inded smaller then we swap the min value with the current one and note
% the indices.

min = 65537;

for i = 1:row
    for j = 1:col
        if (costs(i,j) < min)
            min = costs(i,j);
            dx = j; dy = i;

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