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Ideal Rankine Cycle GUI

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Computes thermodynamic properties of the ideal rankine cycle



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A graphical user interface to compute the thermodynamic properties of an ideal rankine cycle.
This example also demonstates saving and loading input fields from a GUI.

This would not have been possible without the Steam Tables coded up by Magnus Holmgren.

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Mark Mikofski

Mark Mikofski (view profile)

If you need a vectorized version of IAPWS IF97 water/steam tables for all regions (except region 5) and thermodynamic derivatives, then please see:
Thank you.


Very inspiring, thanks!


Hasan Hüseyin ERDEM

H. Serdar YUCESU


Updated license


Updated to latest XSteam.m.
Updated copyright notices.

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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