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Basic OFDM

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Basic OFDM



22 Jun 2006 (Updated )

BPSK modulation with BER with and without OFDM

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Here are the files for a OFDM modulation. Where in I have used a BPSK modulation and showed the decrease in BER with OFDM. This project was done as a course project under the Guidance of Dr. Dayalan Kasilingam, Umass Dartmouth.

Required Products Communications Blockset
Communications System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)
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01 Sep 2014 NIVISH

NIVISH (view profile)

03 Feb 2014 rani sathi

tis submission provided some bsic information for me .i need matlab codes for self cancellation with and without ICI cancellation plz provide answer

01 Nov 2013 asmit mahapatra

i need matlab codes for self cancellation with and without ICI cancellation using bpsk and qpsk modulation for diffrent values of frequency offsets in ofdm system

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26 Feb 2013 Sreekeerthana

I need the matlab coding for Self cancellation of intercarrier interference in OFDM system with phase noise

29 Nov 2012 aruna bansal

plz help me for turbo coded ofdm.

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12 May 2011 quy nguyenminh

it's so great!thanks

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03 Oct 2010 Deepa Rajan

I need matlab code for ICI Cancellation in ofdm (self cancellation scheme)
urgent. please help.

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24 Jun 2009 nouguey c.

I'll examine these files soon
I think there too many for...end loops
it's a little dangerous, it's better to include a parameter and use matlab functions

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23 Jun 2009 miles Ahmed

hi...i m miles from ctg uni ... i m also looking for matlab code for ofdma....pls pls pls pls help me

13 Jun 2009 noman basharat  
30 Nov 2008 S. M. Soliman Hossain

I am soliman from Stamford University Bangladesh student of CSE.
i am doing thesis topics name OFDM. Can any one help me OFDM mathlab code. mail me :

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22 Sep 2008 ankit saxena

provided data is not sufficient to understand it in a better way..................try to presenrt in beeter way

28 Aug 2008 zhiyong pang  
20 Mar 2008 konark kelaiya  
18 Mar 2008 le thi Bich hoa  
05 Mar 2008 balaji s

I need some codes regrading this project work.

08 Feb 2008 arul nesan

need ,innovative ideas

02 Feb 2008 Maged Khattab  
16 Jan 2008 Dayalan Kasilingam

This is his graduate advisor...he has been a pathetic student all the time. This is not even my code...I dont know where he got the pathetic code from. He should have at least tried to run this thing once!

16 Jan 2008 avi skhfksd

ekdum hi ghatiya code hai..thoda bhi dimaag nahi laga hai gadha. Kasilingam ka code chori karke daal diya hai. This is not an original work.

16 Jan 2008 shambhavi bhatt  
04 Jan 2008 haitham taha

I want many programmes on the subject (OFDM, COFDM,Turbo-COFDM)

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28 Dec 2007 dang giang


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15 Oct 2007 rohit rohit

its very usefull.

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28 Sep 2007 Maged Khattab

Needs a little more illustration

16 Sep 2007 liu wei

may be it good ,but now i am not sure before i read ant test it

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06 Sep 2007 shaikh ullah


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03 Sep 2007 mohamed omer  
30 Aug 2007 fuzy s

thanks bro.
if there is new about OFDM from you, would you like to send me email.
thanks a lot.

12 Aug 2007 Hans Sou  
22 Jul 2007 Ivka V

I must simulate OFDM for 802.16d Wimax.Please,help me.Send me Matlab code or something similar.Suggest me how to start my Master thesis refering 802.16-2004 OFDM....

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30 Apr 2007 akhilesh dhuriya  
12 Apr 2007 sussi nagaraj  
05 Apr 2007 Meng Liu  
04 Apr 2007 LAM LE  
14 Feb 2007 hany zedan  
08 Feb 2007 none none

It doesn't seem correct.

03 Feb 2007 mahmood` F

I need the block diagram and some principle

11 Aug 2006 sriharsha vadlamani

some very fundamental flaws in the code, please do a review. the IFFT is a method of modulating the data onto the carriers, plus summing up of all harmonics to get the transmitted signal. you code seems to perform some sort of modulation onto a cosine carrier and then perform IFFT separately on each of the carriers and then do some sortof rearranging of the output arrays. check it up once again

28 Jul 2006 Ali Bert  
25 Jul 2006 p.b. shinde

how to execute these files.plz inform

15 Jul 2006 Ali Ahmed  

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