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CDMA coding and Decoding

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The Programme is about CDMA coding and decoding.

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The Programme is about CDMA coding and decoding.

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Dogan Yildiz

thanks a lot for this precious file..


eng_mt (view profile)


plz it is very Urgent in my thesis ,,,,

I need to use convoultional encoder with code rate =1/2 or 3/4 with puncturing and the decode the data using vitdec (soft-decision viterbi decoder) with NO Quantization.....

I am writing the code but I have mistake in vitdec stage...
can someone help me in correcting this code plz...

msg=rand(1,10)>0.5;% Random data

% Convoultional Encoder
trel = poly2trellis(6,[65,57]); % Define trellis
code = convenc(msg,trel); % Encode.

%decoding the msg using vitdec
tblen = 35; % Traceback length
decode = vitdec(code,trel,tblen,'cont','soft',3);

% bit error must be zeroo
ber= decode -code;


dung le

vua bongtoi

Does anyone have simulation about NG-SDH?
You can simulation about some its problem.
I'm studying about it but i don't understand. Thank! Please help me.

vua bongtoi

can you write some code about spreading and despreading? thank


Abood (view profile)

can you please explain what this program for?? i mean there is a lot of cdma coding like spreading and despreading or channel coding and decoding etc.
thank you so much and i like the simple of this program.


Amaro (view profile)

very good

vua bongtoi


Thanhs You

yang lin

THANK YOU!I am interested in MC-CDMA,if you have project on it,please contact

Nam Nguyen

nguyen toan


strongdevil Le

thanks alot

Mr Kute


nhan tran

thank 4 share...


je vx simuler le systeme CDMA2000 sous matlab

vy phan

i need it very much

vy phan

nguyen vinh tuan

vinh tuan

nguyen vinh tuan

Hoang Minh Chau


hamid hirchaou

je veux simuler une architecture CDMA2000, sous matlab/simulink, svp s'il y a qlq'un qui peut m'aider

gabi tarsa

good enough

Sekar Viswanathan

good work

trinh linh


Duc Nguyen

i want to know and study about simulation cdma,mc-cdma,ofdma

deena newton


fuzy s

thanks bro for this.

poli klik

abid ahmad


jameer kanoje

nguyen thanh


Quynh Nguyen

Thanks very much!

Mahzaib Ali

he's besht of all

morin patrick

mohamed alex

tang bai

Mansoor Ahmed

Aydar Zimaliev


Syed Iftiquaruddin

Ming Li

ahmed ali

Marina Mota

It's a simple program very easy to understand and that really exemplify a CDMA coding and decoding!
I thank you for sharing it!

Usman Ahmed

Nisha Hassan


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