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SDGD Edge Detection Filter

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Second-Derivative-in-the-Gradient-Direction edge detection filter

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More numerically accurate method for edge detection based on zero crossing of the second derivative in the gradient direction (SDGD) proposed by Marr D., Hildreth E.C. in 'Theory of edge Detection' In Proceedings of the Royal Society, 207, pp. 187-217, 1980.
This is a second try. After trying to update the original submission from 2005-12-01, the file just disappeared from the FEX

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Matlab User

this algo is giving me an error "??? Undefined function or method 'sdgd_filt2D' for input arguments of type 'int16"
plz help

negi negar

Sergei Koptenko

Hi John,

Actually, the testing script is included within the help section. Try type "help sdgd_filt2D" and follow the EXAMPLES section

Cheers Sergei

John Gates

Why not give a testing script?

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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