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Active Contour Toolbox

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Active Contour Toolbox


Eric Debreuve (view profile)


05 Jul 2006 (Updated )

This toolbox provides some functions to segment an image or a video using active contours

po_circle(center, radius, number_of_edges, resolution)
function circle = po_circle(center, radius, number_of_edges, resolution)
%po_circle: instantiation of a closed polygon sampling a circle
%   p = po_circle(c, r, n, s) computes a closed polygon sampling the circle of
%   center c and radius r with either n regularly spaced vertices (or
%   equivalently n edges) or a vertex every s pixels. Resolution s is used
%   unless n is greater than or equal to 3. s does not have to be an integer.
%See also polygon.
%Polygon Toolbox by Eric Debreuve
%Last update: June 13, 2006

if number_of_edges < 3
   number_of_edges = round(2 * pi * radius / resolution);
   if number_of_edges < 3
      number_of_edges = 3;

sampling_angles = 2 * pi / number_of_edges * (number_of_edges:-1:1);

circle = [center(1) + radius * sin(sampling_angles); ...
          center(2) + radius * cos(sampling_angles)];

circle = [circle circle(:,1)];

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