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Carrierless 16-QAM (CAP) Modem

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A Simulink model for Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation (CAP)



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This is a Simulink Model I created for a Digital Communication Systems class. It demonstrates Carrierless Amplidute Phase(CAP) Modulation and uses a raised cosine pulse to implement a 16-QAM modem.

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Jing Wang

i got a question:
why the numerator coefficient in the modle of "raised cos filter" set to be "inphase_pulse"? Isn't it a matricx or a vector according to the help comments??
And the same question for the "quadrature raised cosine filter" modle.
please,looking forward to your answer!thanks!

jing xin

Shing Tenqchen

This model is very ggod.

bilal st

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