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External I/O and State Information Block

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This block generates an extra file during code generation containing external Inputs, outputs an



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Some have asked how a list of inputs, outputs and states in a model can be generated. This is one way to do it. Just add the block to your simulink model and start the code generation. The block won't affect simulation or other generated files. You will get one additional file in the code generation process containing the list.

The list can be used to create a data dictionary, to verify the interface to other components and so on.

To install: Unpack the zip-file in a directory and add that directory to your MATLAB(R) path. When you start Simulink(R) the block library should be added automatically to your Simulink library browser.

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Erik Stalberg

This is great!

Rick Ball

I noticed that for outputs, if no signal name is present the 'Name' field shows up as blank (but inputs pick up the inport block name). It would be nice if outputs could pick up the outport block name...



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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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