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Handling MATLAB Events in Excel

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Handling MATLAB Events in Excel


Peter Webb (view profile)


02 Aug 2006 (Updated )

Source code for Sept. 2006 News and Notes Programming Patterns article.

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The Global Temperature Explorer application demonstrates how to integrate MATLAB GUIs into Excel by writing Visual Basic callbacks that can respond to events generated by the GUI.

The application consists of two parts, a COM component generated by MATLAB Builder for .NET, and a Visual Basic class module that integrates the COM component into Excel. The COM component consists of M-files and data files; it displays a data navigation GUI and exports two events: "DisplayLocation" and "PlotTempData". The Visual Basic
code contains callbacks that respond to the exported events and a macro used to launch the data navigation GUI.

Required Products MATLAB Builder NE
MATLAB Compiler
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
Other requirements Tested on Windows XP, Service Pack 2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 or later (to compile COM component). Microsoft Excel (to run the application).
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05 Oct 2009 Baiju Max


I have written a long running algorithm (takes 15 to 30 Mins to complete) in MatLab and converted it to a dotnet 2.0 assembly using 'deploytool'.I am using VC# to call the Matlab function and everything works just great.

However the only problem is that i cant see the progress of the program .The user clicks OK button and then he has to wait for 15-30 minutes for the results.

One solution I see to solve this problem to raise events (to report progress) from matlab and subscribe the same in VC# and inform the user about the progress.

Is there any way of doing the same?

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16 Dec 2006 Hipson Israel

please excel programing note sent

By Hipson Israel

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16 Dec 2006 Hipson Israel

VB excel Programing work book

17 Nov 2010 1.1

Added BSD license.

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