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Parzen PNN

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A Parzen Probabilistic Neural Network classifier

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This little package contains a Parzen Neural Network classifier that can classify data between N classes in D dimensions. The classifier is really fast and simple to learn. The good classification performance can be obtained for a certain class of data distributions. Other classifiers must be used in the cases where the PPNN classifiers cannot get good performances.

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farzad (view profile)

Hello , shall I ask you if this code could be used for a multiple input multiple output NN ?

Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad (view profile)

Nice, good classifier!!!

Delinda He

I could not run the demo.m, there is something wrong, I do not know why. Would you guys help me. Thanks

santosh saraf

Yes !!! a really good classifier

I would like to know what is the difference between the newpnn function in matlab to the function written by you

Imperati Davide LU

Hi Gabbbio,
I went quite fast with you!
How long are you a pos-doc at Uni-Milan?
I took a look at your code. It is nice, I'm thinking about a porting of the main Algorithm to the clustering of human neural fibers pathways. I'll keep you informed.

Just a tip: If I were you I would cange the name of demo.m with something like parzenDemo.m

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