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17 Aug 2006 (Updated )

Display and design tool for FFT windows - alternative to wintool.m

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---- winplt.m, winplt.chm, winplt.pdf ----
Struggling with Matlab's FFT window display tool (wintool), I found it cumbersome and limited. I wanted a way to quickly change window parameters and see the effect on the time and frequency shapes and the most common window measures (scalloping and processing loss, frequency resolution, and equivalent noise bandwidth). I couldn't modify wintool for my taste since most of the code was hidden (pcode). So I wrote winplt.m to create a more useble gui for displaying windows. Winplt is also a tool for designing your own windows by adjusting the kernel coefficients with a slider.

---- plt.m, plt.chm ----
This is a plotting routine called by winplt.m. To find out more about plt I recommend downloading plt.zip from the file exchange.

---- HarrisIEEE.pdf ----
This is the most cited reference on FFT windows and includes descriptions of most of the windows plotted by winplt.

---- windowsTalk.pdf ----
Most treatmeants of FFT windows are highly mathematical (such as the included Harris paper). But if you want to understand some of the basic ideas without the pages of mind numbing equations, take a look at the this portion of a signal processing talk I gave many years ago.

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions or ideas about winplt. I can be reached at paul (at) mennen (dot) org.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)
Other requirements Matlab ver 6.1 or later
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21 Aug 2006 Mark Brown

Excellent program. The user interface is chock-full of handy features. Be sure to browse the help file to understand all of its capabilities. For definitions of the figures of merit, users should consult "On the use of Windows for Harmonic Analysis with the DFT" by Fredric J. Harris, IEEE Vol 66. No. 1, Jan 1978.

05 Sep 2006

Documentation update - improved descriptions of window performance parameters (scalloping loss, worst case processing loss, frequency resolution, equivalent noise bandwidth).

27 Nov 2006

Modified so that it will still run without the signal processing toolbox. Added the Taylor window. Changed names of the window parameters for clarity.

09 Nov 2009

Greatly enhanced the fft window design features of the program. Also I now have included the famous Harris IEEE windowing paper (which I can do because it is not copyright protected).

10 Nov 2009

Sorry to those of you who downloaded this yesterday. I had updated all the files except the most important one - winplt.m. Should be fine now however

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