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Data Acquisition using NIDAQmx, M-Series, USB


J. Caruso (view profile)


24 Aug 2006 (Updated )

Code example acquiring data using NIDAQmx

% MATLAB supports M-Series, E-Series, and USB hardware from 
% National Instruments with the Data Acquisition Toolbox.  This basic code 
% example shows you how to use MATLAB to acquire and analyze data from 
% National Instrument hardware in 10 commands.  Additional commands you 
% may find useful are included here but commented out.

% Use this command to determine Board IDs in system, if needed
% hw = daqhwinfo('nidaq')
% hw.InstalledBoardIds
% hw.BoardNames

% Create an analog input object using Board ID "Dev6".
ai = analoginput('nidaq','Dev6');

% Data will be acquired from hardware channel 3
addchannel(ai, 3);

% Review the basic configuration of the acquisition by typing 
% the name of the variable.
% ai

% Use this command to see properties that can be configured
% set(ai)

% Use this comment to get a listing of all object properties and 
% their current settings
% get(ai)

% Configure the analog input for single-ended or differential mode
% set(ai,'InputType','SingleEnded');
% set(ai,'InputType','Differential');

% Set the sample rate and samples per trigger
ai.SampleRate = 10000;
ai.SamplesPerTrigger = 10000;

% Start the acquisition

% Wait up to 2 seconds for the acquisition to complete

% Acquire data into the MATLAB workspace
data = getdata(ai);

% Graphically plot the results

% Clean up

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