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Power Spectral Density

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Power spectral density of a time history.



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This script calculates the PSD of a time history. It prompts the user for parameters related to the spectral resolution and the number of statistical-degrees-of-freedom.

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ahmed albakri

thank you , this is good work

bit wwq

good file~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ezzan Hanifa

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Martin Guiles

Anyone needing to do this should consider Matlab's pwelch function in the signal proc toolbox.

Sally Finkelstein

Feed with a single sinusoid to get power-law decaying PSD, which was supposed to be a delta peak. Something wrong?

Sarat KK

Very Useful but corresponding help file need to be provided.
Choosing the number of segment is not clear can u please clarify this.
Thank you .

Sarat Kumar K

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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