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SoundSim 2.5D Acoustic Wave and Sphere Scattering Simulator

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2.5D Acoustic Wave Simulator



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This release contains SoundSim's 2.5D Acoustic Simulation Core and two sample MATLAB scripts to simulate a 5MHz tone burst scattering from an air bubble and an oil droplet suspended in water. See the included PDF for more information about the example simulations.

This is an early release of SoundSim's 2.5D acoustic wave simulator. More features, error checking, and documentation will be coming soon.

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lifei (view profile)

great share


zohar (view profile)

Leo Steenson

Would it be possible to see the details of the p code? Has anyone ran a simulation of multiple scatterers and calculated the amplitude of the returning waves to the transducer face versus number and size of scatterers?

Alexandra Rose

giampiero novello

I have to start with ... SOUND SIMULATION.
May I have some more info...

mohammad amid

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