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JISUBPLOT + NEXTPLOT: enhanced replacement for subplot

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JISUBPLOT + NEXTPLOT: enhanced replacement for subplot


John Iversen (view profile)


30 Aug 2006 (Updated )

Automatically create complex subplot layouts

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OVERVIEW: Enhanced replacement for SUBPLOT

          Multi-axis plotting (using SUBPLOT) is great and essential, but has
          shortcomings. The main one is that keeping track of the axis indexes
          can be tedious if you want to do anything more elaborate than plotting
          in row-order. In addition, the size of all axes are the same, and
          spacing is not adjustable.

      Solution: JISUBPLOT + NEXTPLOT
          What you might really want is to set up a grid of subplots once and
          then just tell the figure when you want to move to the next plot,
          letting it take care of the details for you.

          That's what the pair of functions JISUBPLOT and NEXTPLOT can do.
          It decouples the specification of the subplot grid (JISUBPLOT) from the
          act of moving around it and creating new axes at various positions
         (and sizes) within the grid (NEXTPLOT).

          The key that differentiates this solution is NEXTPLOT. Using it,
          you can create new axes, automatically move by row, or by column,
          or arbitrarily. You can create subplots of mixed sizes. You don' t
          need to concern yourself with subplot indexes or coordinates
           and can concentrate on how you want the layout to appear.

          NEXTPLOT is especially useful in loops where you want create an array of many plots:

for idx = 1:8,

Finally, wouldn't it be nice if when you changed a figure's orientation (e.g. orient tall), it actually changed shape to reflect that? JISUBPLOT does that.


%% the basic idea
          jisubplot(4,2,1) % can be used just like SUBPLOT
          nextplot % advance to next axis

          nextplot('newRow') % start a new row of axes
          nextplot('byCol') % move down columns

          %% jisubplot / nextplot is especially useful in loops
          %% it will extend to new figures automatically
          jisubplot(4,4,0) %setup figure, but don't make the first axis
          for idx = 1:32,

          %% a more complete usage: specify orientation, plot spacing and fontsize
          %% figure window is sized appropriately for orientation
          jisubplot(5,3,0,'tall',[.3 .3],'fontsize',9)

      Run JISUBPLOTDEMO for executable examples of more advanced usage.

Distribution includes:

jisubplot.m -- setup figure for automated multi-pane layout
nextplot.m -- automatically advance to next pane

currentplotis.m -- test location of current axis

jisubplotdemo.m -- demonstration of usage

And the following general utility files (used by nextplot)
These are used for parameter/value argument parsing,
and may be generally of use.

isparam.m -- test for presence of a parameter
getparam.m -- get values following a parameter
strmatch_mixed.m -- strmatch that can be used on cell arrays with non-string elements
                    useful when parsing parameter/value lists

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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