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mandelbrot set

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mandelbrot set



05 Sep 2006 (Updated )

Plots the mandelbrot set

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File Information

The famous mandelbrot set. The reason for uploading this is that it is a short and simple implementation using meshgrid and is updated for use with faster processors.


Mandelbrot Set Vectorized inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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Comments and Ratings (5)
20 Mar 2013 William Murphy

This code ran, but I can't see anything that looks like the Mandelbrot set in the output. It's just a black grid.
Change the isnan() to isinf() and it generates the image.

02 Nov 2008 Sai Wing Man

13 Mar 2007 s man

hi levent d,
i only tested on my 2.2Ghz machine so i assumed that was the baseline, what i would suggest is lowering num from 440 to say 200,i.e. decrease the resolution a little. the point was to get a simple working implementation. To get a 'fast' mandelbrot generator you need to use a compiled language, some programs can be found on wikipedia's page- e.g. quickman.

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09 Mar 2007 Levent D

It does not work normally @ p-III 800 Mhz, 256 MB ram

21 Dec 2006 Alfonso F R

It takes around 3 minutes to render on the pentium III i tested on (just executing 'mandelbrot'-no arguments).
When zooming in you see a lot of white space.
When zooming back out, you don't see the full set, but around 80% of it.
Anyway, good work and thank you for posting!

19 Jun 2009 1.2

update for BSD license

14 May 2012 1.5

modified email address on line 4.

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