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Code Verification using RTDX


Kerry Schutz (view profile)


06 Sep 2006 (Updated )

Verify your DSP Implementation using RTDX and Simulink

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The files contained in this zip file
serve as an introduction to using RTDX technology from Texas Instruments with Simulink for the purpose of verifying that that your Simulink simulation is running the same way as your DSP implementation. You will need R2006a+ or greater. R2006a will not work.

There is a readme.doc and that is the best place to get started.

The rtdx_intro.doc file is a good place to start for an introduction to the application of RTDX for verification purposes.

There are two main RTDX/Simulink applications. One is for a simple Simulink model containing only a gain block and the second one is a more involved noise cancellation application.

By all means, use the HTML web-based example selectors to navigate thru the many files. You will find this far easier than opening individual models from Matlab. The readme.doc file will describe this process.

Required Products Embedded IDE Link CC
Fixed-Point Designer
Simulink Coder
Embedded Coder
DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
Simulink Fixed Point
Target Support Package TC6
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
Other requirements If you are going to run the DSP code on an actual target then you will need either your own board or one of the DSKs by Spectrum Digital and a JTAG Emulator. A detailed summary of HW and SW requirements is found in the attached doc files.
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15 Nov 2013 Karuna Mudliyar

Thank you very much sir.

19 Jul 2013 Leopoldino  
15 Dec 2010 Mousa Marzband

Do you have any SIMULINK project about TMS320F2812 (eZdsp 2812) in order to test RTW?
I have implemented a grid power network in SIMULINK and rigth now I want to use DSP liberary in order to stablish DSP control. could you plaese guid me?

09 Nov 2009 JIAO …

thank you very much!

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03 Nov 2006

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06 Nov 2006

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