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Project Waterloo File and Matrix Utilities

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Utilities for partial input/output from MATLAB MAT-files, HDF5-files and custom binary files.

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Utilities for partial input/output from MATLAB MAT-files, HDF5-files and custom binary files.

Appropriate use of the custom classes provided here can speed MATLAB code execution typically by 2- to 20-fold.

I/o is supported using
[1] virtual memory mapping of files (recommended: Version 6 MAT, HDF5 and binary files).
[2] low-level i/o using fread (Version 6 MAT- files /HDF5/binary).
[3] via the class for Version 7.3 MAT-files with R2011b+.

The previous MAT-file utilities for writing Version 6 MAT-files are included in the library.
Various functions for converting between file types are also included.

The full code is available for download at

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Mr Smart

Link in the description above.
For this component see

Um, why is there only a pdf and a txt file in the download? Where are the actual matlab files?


Kip (view profile)

Malcolm straightened me out. Thank you! The files really do need to be -v6. Still wish there was a more flexible way to do this, but this is a nice start.

Malcolm Lidierth

What was the error message?


Kip (view profile)

Wish it worked! Using AppendMatrix with MATLAB version (R2009b) I get:

Error in ==> where at 267
if strcmp(Name,'0123456789') && ~isempty(s(1).name)

Error in ==> CheckIsLastEntry at 35
w=where(filename, varname);

Error in ==> argcheck at 32
if CheckIsLastEntry(filename,varname)==false

Error in ==> AppendMatrix at 56
filename=argcheck(filename, varname);

Anon Anon



OOP-based. Support for V6/7/7.3 MAT-files, HDF5 and binary files


Cumulative minor changes

New functions included

Now platform-independent

Coding improved. Global vars removed.
WHERET functionality included in WHERE.
Tested on big-endian MAT-files.

Apologies. Previoussly deleted global declarations were required.

VarRename cleanly exits on non-Windows platforms (which it has not been tested on).
Unnecessary global variable declarations removed

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

Inspired: 3D Cube Slice

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