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Kalman Filter Tutorial

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Kalman Filter Tutorial



18 Sep 2006 (Updated )

Extended Kalman Filter Tutorial

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File Information

This is a simple demo of a Kalman filter for a sinus wave, it is very commented and is a good approach to start when learning the capabilities of it.


Learning The Kalman Filter inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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Comments and Ratings (31)
06 May 2014 Carlos M. Velez S.

A good complement of linear Kalman filter in Simulink:

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31 Jan 2014 Angel Lopez

Thanks, it is very useful!

01 Aug 2013 Smahato

any example on structural dynamics system identification

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16 Oct 2011 benny goh

The observation function h is a linear function. Can it be a linear function for EKF?

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18 Feb 2011 cronix batman

tq brothers

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03 Jan 2011 SHAHIL SHAH

13 Sep 2008 levi chu


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14 Aug 2008 ahmed ghazi


21 Jul 2008 Tim Davis

Nice commentgs. Awful numerics. Never multiply by inv(S). It's unstable and slow.


K = P*H'*inv(S)


K = (P*H')/S

05 May 2008 xu yan

I hope it can make my work easy.

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22 Apr 2008 nihat korkmaz

good idea yeah

28 Feb 2008 dinesh kumar

i like it. because usefull my project learning matlab programes ,i want particles tilter.

25 Feb 2008 Luis E. Avendaño

Is an excelent application for my personal work

10 Feb 2008 yousef holba

very importantfor me applications

25 Jan 2008 ankit bansal

thats great to learn abt kalman

01 Nov 2007 mohsen zamani


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24 Oct 2007 manoj rai

a good approach to learn kalman

13 Oct 2007 Ihsan ulhaq


05 May 2007 said hared

i need it

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29 Apr 2007 Rodrigo Badínez

Very nice tutorial.
(only the magenta plot is a little confusing at the first sight, it's not a part of the EKF)

03 Apr 2007 Mauro G.

It is easy to improve for another signals

14 Mar 2007 Daniel G.

BE CAREFUL! It may be a good demo, but it clears all your variables and closes all your figures without asking you! Just imagine you are working for many hours on some important topic and you are just about to present or save your result, so trying this tutorial at this point will be fatal for you! I can't understand why someone does "clear all; close all;" on a foreign machine!!! Bad style!

14 Mar 2007 Hongchao Fan

very good

21 Feb 2007 Markus B

This is an example, not a tutorial.

09 Feb 2007 Alireza Key

great for beginner ...
tanx Jose

19 Jan 2007 elhadi dendene

that's a good work

10 Jan 2007 aswardi mawardi

This methode is used for teaching

08 Dec 2006 Andleeb shadman

14 Nov 2006 Tansel Yucelen

Very good code, Thank you.

19 Oct 2006 Yuriy Ivanov

Not a bad, but you must add more comments.

30 Sep 2006 Ali Özgül

Succesfully your code technique and application. Thank you.

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