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dbSNP tool

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GUI for the retrieval of single nucleotide polymorphism data from dbSNP



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%dbSNPtool starts a GUI to return polymorphism data from dbSNP
% Calling dbsnptool start the GUI, SNP % records are returned based on
% keyword. Each result is presented in a % listbox, clicking on the entry
% loads the sequence into the sequence %viewer. Information is presenting
% the snp info box. The result can then be outputted to a fasta file or a
% structure in the matlab workspace
% dbSNP-database for single nucleotide polymorphisms and other classes of minor
% genetic variation. Genome Res. 1999 Aug;9(8):677-9.
% Download: %
% See also:
% Colin Clarke, Cranfield University - % Analytical Science and Informatics
% $revision 1.0$ $Date: 2/10/2006$
% email: \

An updated version will be shortly availible with added functionality.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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