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MIMO Rayleigh fading Channel Capacity

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MIMO Rayleigh fading Channel Capacity


Hamid Ramezani (view profile)


02 Oct 2006 (Updated )

maximum capacity of a mimo channel is considered here.

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File Information

in this program a highly scattered environment is considered. The Capacity of a MIMO channel with nt transmit antenna and nr recieve antenna is analyzed. The power in parallel channel (after
SVD decomposition) is distributed as water-filling algorithm
The pdf of the matrix "lanada" ( V in SVD decomposition) elements is depicted too.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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Other requirements The zip file contains two mfiles.
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Comments and Ratings (38)
22 Feb 2017 Nebiyu Mohammed

Please tell us What is the x axis of The pdf of the matrix "lanada" ( V in SVD decomposition) elements represent?

01 Feb 2017 MKUMARAN


10 Dec 2016 ajay kmr


13 Jul 2016 Nebiyu Mohammed

Can anyone tell me the use of "PDF of elements in matrix landa in SVD decomposition of matrix H"

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28 Mar 2016 Annie

Annie (view profile)


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20 Mar 2016 Andar Manurung


Comment only
07 Mar 2016 jay popat

thanks for this code

can anyone guide me for channel capacity in Rician fading channel.

i need code of it

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03 Dec 2014 Haiying

01 Jul 2013 Onyinye

please how can this code be expanded for two landas. the histogram plot will be in 3 cartesian graph

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02 Jun 2013 ALI OTHMAN

the file does not work
i receive the error
[Capacity(i,j) PowerAllo] =

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29 May 2013 Galymzhan

23 Jan 2013 Telecom Bretagne

Very useful code. Thank you! But one little problem is that random is not provided, and when replaced by 1/sqrt(2) * abs(randn(nr,nt) + j*randn(nr,nt) ), the figure obtained is not similar to the one expected. The capacity is linear! Can someone please tell me how to fix this? thanks in advance!!

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07 May 2012 WU

WU (view profile)


24 Feb 2012 Hossein Khoshnevis

A very nice code! Thanks

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11 Nov 2011 Jeyasangar Sangaralingam

can any one help to simulate MIMO beamforming.simulate the bpsk detection performance technique and ML detector

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16 May 2011 ????

???? (view profile)

11 Oct 2010 hizbullah

can anyone help me regarding Capcity simulink model for DSP implementation....?

08 Feb 2009 Wincent Huang

excellent and useful,thank u!

12 Jun 2008 z ding

thanks very much.
it's very usefull for me. I'm learning MIMO now.

13 May 2008 Rong Liu

It's helpful! I like it.

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21 Apr 2008 Lin Yang

really useful

10 Feb 2008 amy chan

very thx! It is very benefit for me who is a silly student. Today, I have leaned something.

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24 Dec 2007 jihed gaf

j ai besoin d'un moyen code matlab pour estimer le taux d'erreur dans un contexte MIMo contenant un algorithme d'estimation

Comment only
19 Dec 2007 belbel med

estimation rapide du taux d'erreur d'une transmission mimo ofdm

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02 Dec 2007 Abdul Wahab

That is out standing work done by u
Plz help me if u have Simulation Block Modal please upload it and send me

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02 Nov 2007 Yong Chang

I need a MATLAB code for MIMO antenna subset selection algorithms, Please help me. If any body has the code,please upload, thank you very very much!!

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19 Sep 2007 usman khan


05 Sep 2007 Harry Sandhu

MIMO channel capacity calculations are good. Can you suggest MIMO implementation for gamma gamma pdf channel model for BER calculations and for capacity

27 Aug 2007 umapathi naik

Ts gud..If any body has the code on DIV-MUX TRADEOFF in MIMO ..plz upload..

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22 Jul 2007 Yanbo Wu

To Martin Chao:
Multi-antenna channel without fading can not increasing channel capacity.
The capacity of multi-antenna AWGN channel is equal to SISO AWGN channel.
Is that right?

17 Jul 2007 sagar gulhane

27 Jun 2007 z

please give the equations used in programming.
And maybe reference books.
It would be easier for beginners to study.

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21 Jun 2007 Martin Chao

can you guys please teach me how to modify this if i'd like to simulate capacities with AWGN channels?

18 Jun 2007 Hamid Ramezani

Hi every body, instead of "random" function you cand use :

1/sqrt(2) * abs(randn(nr,nt) + j*randn(nr,nt) )

15 Jun 2007 kanru xu

it's nice and just what i wanted, but the function random is not provided:(

27 Dec 2006 sen lin

function random is not provided.
But can be replaced by :
H = abs(randn(nr,nt)+j.*randn(nr,nt));

22 Nov 2006 Ayman Abbosh

If it is possible, I need a simulink Model for MIMO transmitter and receiver because I am working in modeling the MIMO channel

03 Oct 2006 sonia rad

if u delete the parameter N , WaterFilling_alg the program will run properly

01 Apr 2016 1.0

license will be added

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