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Makes polar directivity plots.

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A modification of The Mathworks POLAR function, DIRPLOT generates directivity plots in the style commonly used in acoustic and RF work.

Features include:
1. Plots -90 to +90 or -180 to +180 degrees based on range of input THETA, with 0 degrees at top center.

2. Produces semicircular plots when plot range is -90 to +90 degrees.

3. RHO is assumed to be in decibels and may include negative values.

4. Default automatic rho-axis scaling in "scope knob" factors.

5. Optional PARAMS argument allows manual setting of rho-axis scaling.

Comments and Ratings (27)

Thanks, It's so useful...


Laura (view profile)

Cyrus Amiri

Hi there,

Thanks for this..I'm finding difficulties trying this code with 'hold on' function. It just wouldn't show 2 plots on the same graph. Any suggestions?

Jeremy Forbes

Hey, can someone explain how to input data using this function? (I'm new to matlab) I have a list of values for the angles (in degrees) and gains (in db with negative values).

farzane d

thanks,very useful.

Martin Ma

Thanks, that exactly what I need now!


Laura (view profile)

maw well

how i can download this file!!!!


Tom (view profile)

Exactly what I needed!

One thing - when plotting different colors, the dotted grid lines tend to obscure the plot lines somewhat. Should they be grey instead of black? It's a very minor gripe, and I think the code is excellent.


Marina (view profile)


In order to enhance the elegance of the diagram a lot, one should add the line property


to several functions in which the coordinate system is drawn. then the function becomes really nice!

Syed Kashan

Jon-Fredrik Hopperstad

Very useful and much better than the standard "polar" function.

Lukasz Panek

very useful, thanks!

nagendra nedunuru

George Power

Thanks! very useful for polar plots with a minimum 'rho' value.

David Choi

Just what I needed...simple to use and works as described

Eric Thiel

Great. Should be part of the baseline matlab plot functionality.

Pascal Aubry

Just what I needed for my radiation patterns, thanks.

iman farghadan

Todd Tracy

Works great. Easy to use and it solved my plotting problem immediately. Thanks!


Robert Adams

Was thinking of doing this myself when I remembered Matlab Central. Thanks for the great function for polar plotting antenna data with negative db.

Lina Chang

Thanks so much for developing this tool that can be used to plot antenna gain directivity

Tom Westley

This has saved me hours of fiddling with the polar fuction - thank you!

Ravi Krishna

Suraj Mansukhani

Very very useful!



Fixed a bug that caused RHO to be plotted incorrectly if RHOMIN was specified, and RHO was less than RHOMIN. Thanks to Wajih Elsallal.


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