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Multiple Concurrent Workspaces (Updated 2)

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A function that simulates multiple workspaces without saving info to disk



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Editor's Note: This file was a File Exchange Pick of the Week

File updated to include separate paths for each workspace.


File updated to include workspace descrtipions and to track workspace working directories. Also fixed a typo in the code for the 'send variables' utility.


ws.m simulates the existence of multiple independent workspaces without needing to save information to disk. Each workspace exists independently, so commands such as 'clear' affect only the current workspace (i.e. do not erase alternate workspaces).

The command allows the user to apply who, whos, and clear (including with the optional 'global' keyword) to other workspaces. Variables can also be copied between workspaces using import and send parameters. Sophisticated variable and workspace specification are supported using wildcards and colons.

The function can be used to maintain independence among tasks (e.g. you are doing one thing, then want to run some other things without losing your place or opening other sessions), or as a convenient way of moving workspace environments between functions.

The help in the function describes the various ways of using it, as well as the various parameters that can be provided.

Note: This is just a single stand-alone function. It does not overload or replace any other functions.

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Jan Gläscher

Jan Gläscher (view profile)

Great piece of software. I use it *all the time*. Thanks!

Jeff Dunne

I don't think so. That would require making fairly major changes to external functions. In such cases you are probably better off just opening another ML session.

Fabian Kloosterman

Very nice utility. Would it be possible to have independent figures for each workspace?

b d

Doesn't seem to work on R12.

R12 doen't like the double || for an "or" in your if statements. R12 uses a single |.

Also doesn't like gl.(gvars{j})

Jeff Dunne

Sorry. Misread your comment. It has independent working directories, not independent paths. Yes, this would not be hard. I'll include it. Thanks.

Jeff Dunne

If you have the current version downloaded, it should already do that. If you are talking about something else, please let me know.

E Magee

This is a great utility. Is there any way to add the ability to have indedendent paths in each workspace?

Jim Eastman

I've been using this for exactly one hour, and I see it being wonderfully useful in my work.

Gorden Jemwa

Doug, I nominate this for pick of the week!


Updated to include workspace directories. Also, fixed a typo in code.

File updated to include workspace descriptions in addition to indices. Workspaces selectable using numbers (as before) or description matching. Supporting enhancements to '?' parameter as well. Thanks to Gorden Jemwa for the suggestion.

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