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Data acquisition into Simulink - example model

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Data acquisition into Simulink - example model

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Acquire live data directly into Simulink. Beginning in MATLAB R2006, Simulink blocks are available from Data Acquisition Toolbox to acquire live data directly into Simulink models from data acquisition devices.
This example model shows you how to acquire live data from a sound card into Simulink.

Easily update the model to use this model with your other installed data acquisition hardware from ADLINK, CONTEC, Data Translation, National Instruments, etc.

See the full list of supported hardware at:

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can anyone tell me how to convert a bit stream file to a wav file? if i use the command of wavwrite directly, it gives a wav file but that is not sampled properly.

I am doing my final year at Varsity and I am struggling getting this software or application

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

Murthy NSSR

Very good one...helped me understanding how DAQ toolbox can be used with simulink.

phuong hoang

very good block

phuong hoang


jagadesan murugesan

very good

J. Cordero

nice easy way to get some live data into Simulink from both sound cards and NI hardware. (It's about time!)


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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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