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Example of Lung Region Extraction from Chest X-Ray Image

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Function for extract binary image from gray scale image

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This function extracts a binary image from gray scale image using auto-tuned threshold value obtained from the correlation of Image euler numbers. Euler number is calculated using binary image correlated to gray scale level. Number of level being used is defined by the user.

This function works for Matlab 7.0 with bweuler() and histeq() function from Image Processing Toolbox. No further validation for other version done yet.

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Wasim Wasim

please mail me complete code at

please mail me the full code at

Karthik J

Can you please mail this code to ( you.

rocki rajesh

mail this code to me ...(


Could you please mail me your thesis or the link where i can find your thesis.
my e-mail


Ho Yng

Ho Yng (view profile)

could you send me your paper as reference..(
Thanks you so much..

toprak bay

could you send me your paper. ( I'd like to ask you some question. could you give me an address for communication. thank you...

rohit garg

i am doing a project on segmentation and classification of brain tumor from MRI images of the brain so can u please helm me out with some related codes on my email i.e

uruba musmar

can u send me plz send me the link of ur paper or send it by email to
im interested in this topic.


Jeng Aida

Please can you kindly send me your write up on this please on email address Thanks

Srinivas Pandian

Hi...I am intrested in knowing more about this project. Could you please mail me your thesis or the link where i can find your thesis. My Mail id is Thank you

chen minjie

Can you give me a link of your paper or send it to my email ( I am intersted in it and want to know more about how can you get the threshold by different threshold's euler number. Thank you!

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