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Sequence Diagram tool


Eric Ludlam (view profile)


06 Oct 2006 (Updated )

Create UML style Sequence Diagrams

function sequencedtornode
% SEQUENCEDTORNODE - Create a link returning from last named entry
% into the current node.  Mark the current node as destructed.
% Author: Eric Ludlam
% Copyright (c) 2006 The MathWorks Inc.

    SD = getappdata(gcf,'SD');
    % Previous node
    if isempty(SD.nodes) || isempty(SD.links)
        error('Cannot destruct when there are no nodes.'); %#ok
    lastlinkidx = length(SD.links);
    lastnodeidx = SD.links(lastlinkidx).nodeidx;  % The node we are in.


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