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Simulink Simulator for a Brushless DC Motor

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Complete simulator for a brushless DC motor in Simulink environment



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This is a comprehensive simulator written to simulate a trapeziodal back emf, star wound brushless dc motor. Complete flexibility in varying various model parameters have been provided. This is the result of the undergraduate project taken at National Institute of Technology Karnataka (INDIA) with a team of Mr Jora Gonda, Raghunandan SN and Manas Bhat.

About 25 different simulation variable can bve monitored. This is intended to be a freeware so that with time the product can improve.
The approach used has been to avoid the use of Simpower (power electronics) block set which demand huge processing power and memory. The core BLDC module 'mybldc' is logical and the inverter has been made out of logical elements resulting in a faster simulation.

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manas sial


Hi Mr.Devendar,

Why does the simulator stop or pause at T=5.159e-04 when iam simulating as it is after downloading. The main simulation time in simulink model window is also same as given by you ( 0.13 )?

Desmond Hu


I really appreciate that all this is online, it is so much helpful. me as a student love to have all these things posted. I am having the same problem as other people before and it is i don't know how to run it since I get errors for flag values and exact values.

Please help me out if you can.
Thank you very much in advance
contact me through my email:


MAQBUL (view profile)

Good morning sir,

My name is Maqbul. i m research student of LDCE AHMEDABAD and doing project on BLDC drives.

Sir i refer your BLDC simulation which is very nice and too much helpful for basic understanding state space model of BLDC. i m working and try to understand simulation since last 1.5 months.

Sir i have some problem to run simulation. i try to solve S-function error by putting values in .m file but having confusion for exact values of t,x,u and flag values.

Also problem regarding to stateflow and parse log.

Respected sir please give me some suggestions to run the simulation which is helpful for me for further development of my project.

reply me on mail id YOUR REGARDS
MAQBUL (+91 97 277 68 345)


Athul (view profile)

hi this is a very gud model. iam not getting how to run the model. plz explain. send any documents related to this model to my mail id


dinesh (view profile)



Hi Devendra, thank you for putting together this model it has been extremely helpful for me. I however have a few questions 1) I dont't have stste flow toolbox so I built my own but following the logic that you presented in your document. 2) I disables all the zero crossings to avoid errorr. 3) I don't seem to get the control of the signal the speed remains oscillating around zero rather than following the commanded speed. Have you experience this before? I am usign 0de113 and also have tried changing the PID constants but with no success. I would appreciate very much your reply.

Paul Mwo

Could some one can tell me whats the diference between that and the earlier version?

amol bhondekar

karim hameg

Sandesh Trivedi

What changes will be observed when three phase six step star connected two pole pair BLDC motor is used Pl also suggest about electonic commutation sequence for the same

Maha laxmi

suresh kumar

Brave Sun

Francisco Lopes


mohammed ali

Federica Cucchiella

hemant patel

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