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Complex ALU

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Complex ALU



23 Oct 2006 (Updated )

A Simulator of Complex ALU

Complex ALU/alu_file/alu.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/arith_unit.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/bin_adder.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/carry_flag.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/compare.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/decoder.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/flag_unit.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/f_adder.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/h_adder.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/logic_unit.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/modify_a.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/modify_b.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/mux.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/mux2_1.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/mux4.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/mux4_1.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/muxn2_1.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/muxn4_1.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/muxn8_1.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/overflow_flag.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/parity_flag.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/sign_flag.m
Complex ALU/alu_file/zero_flag.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/aluu.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/incb.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/incr.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/incr2.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/incr3.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/Incr3c.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/incr3d.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/testalu.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/testalu2.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/testdec.m
Complex ALU/prgalu vari/variabili.m
Complex ALU/Theorem of Pitagora/bin2int.m
Complex ALU/Theorem of Pitagora/int2bin.m
Complex ALU/Theorem of Pitagora/note.txt
Complex ALU/Theorem of Pitagora/Pitagora con Program Interrupt.m
Complex ALU/Theorem of Pitagora/Pitagora.m

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