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  • Readme.mThis examples shows how the Data Acquisition Toolbox can be used in
  • core_example.mThis example produces a signal at a fixed frequency through the sound card and
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DAQ Report



Data Acquisition Toolbox used with Report Generator.

% This examples shows how the Data Acquisition Toolbox can be used in 
% conjunction with the MATLAB Report Generator.  In this example, we produce
% a sine wave of known frequency and acquire it through a National
% Instruments data acquisition board.  We then attempt to determine the
% frequency of the original signal by applying a variety of different windows
% to the data that was acquired.
% Please download the following files to run this demo:
%   nidaq.rpt
% Requirements:
%   Data Acquisition Toolbox
%   MATLAB Report Generator
%   Windows Sound Card
%   National Instruments Data Acquisition Card
%   Wiring to hook stereo jack of sound card to connector block of NI
%      hardware
% Setup:
%   Wire the output of the sound card to channel 0 of a connector block or
%   screw terminal panel.  Make sure the volume on your speaker output is
%   turned up appropriately.
% Running the demo:
%   There are 2 main files associated with this demo.  First, is the file
%   called core_example.m.  This file runs the core example but does not
%   apply a variety of different windows to the acquired data.  This file is 
%   not required to run the report generator example.
%   The second file associated with this example is nidaq.rpt.  This is a
%   report file used by the MATLAB Report Generator. To run this report, type:
%     setedit nidaq
%   at the MATLAB command line.  Once the dialog appears, click on the report
%   button. 
% Things to be aware of:
%   Most sound cards apply some sort of filtering to the signals being sent
%   out and fed in.  You may need to adjust the volume for your speakers
%   until you get a good answer.  One good way to tell if filtering is being
%   applied is to look at the figure with three plots on it. If the plot with
%   a series of square waves does not hold the shape of the square wave well,
%   there is most likely filtering being applied.

%    CP 2-25-98
%    Copyright (c) 1998-1999 by The MathWorks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
%    Revision Date: 01/23/02
%    Please send comments or problems to

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