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DAFX Toolbox

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Advanced visualization and basic effect processing of recorded, generated or loaded audio data



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dafxtool 2.1 provides enhanced visualization (time domain,fft,auditory spectrum,waterfall,correlation,... ) and basic effect-processing (11 plugins) of audiodata.
Import or record audiodata or use the integrated signal generator providing 8 different types of signals. Mark a region for playback or crop it,fade it, load fx-plugins, process your data, add your own plugins easily,all in one program using a self-explanatory GUI. Extract the zipped files/folders to a new main folder (e.g. "DAFXTOOLBOX") and launch dafxtool.m. Please check Readme.txt for further infos. Modifications welcome!

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jing zhang



Mike R.

Awesome! some very usefull plotfunctions,thanks.

Richard S.-A.

Nice Tool, but shouldn't you add some acknowledgement to Joerg Bitzer in the main file?!?! After all, the plugIn Processing looks very familiar except for the missing GNU license.
Greeting to Oldenburg.

Newbie S

A very useful visualization tool indeed. But how do you integrate the toolbox with MATLAB, I mean where are you gonna put those unzip files?

Niklas Harlander


This is a modified version of DAFX Toolbox providing more signal views,new plugins, debugged functions, less source code and faster processing

I loaded up a wrong zip package the first time.

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