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PONG: a tribute to the game created by Atari Inc.

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A tribute to the game created by Atari Inc.

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PONG was created in the early 70's by Nolan Bushnell from Atari Inc. This code should be considered as a tribute.
More info on Wikipedia:
Right player uses mouse
Left player uses up/down keyboard arrows
Players can also use following keys:
P: game paused
S: switch sound on/off
Esc: quit game

Comments and Ratings (7)

Aldo Rovandi

Really nice job mate

Kanat Omarbay

Doesn't work on MAtlab R2014a

Works well on R2011a, the mouse player sure has a big advantage but it's easy to change that if needed. Other minor issues are the ball speed which is sometimes too slow and lag... but anyway it's just a script for fun :)

Christophe Morell

The game could be nice but it does not work. In fact, the ball does not start at the beginning of the game. We can only move the two players. Besides, the player with the mouse can move faster than the one with the keyboard.

Nick Cheilakos

nothing to offer.

Jérôme Briot

To Michal Kvasnicka:
thanks for your valuable review !!!!

To others... please give more informations about bugs directly by e-mail.


Michal Kvasnicka

Does not work on Matlab 2006b!!!!



Remove unacessary informations in description


This code was developped 10 years ago with MATLAB 6.1. So I finally updated the code to be more compliant with newer version of MATLAB.

There are still bugs but I don't have time to do more now…

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)
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